Why businesses should allow ratings & reviews

All businesses will from time to time have slip-ups, or unhappy or unreasonable customers leading to negative reviews and word of mouth.

It is not good practise to try and block negative comments and reviews.  In the age of social media there is nowhere to hide.  Instead of having an unhappy customer spreading the word in places where you have no control over or might not even be aware of it rather ensure that you have channels where customers can give feedback both privately and publicly.

Is it not much better to have someone complain where you can respond and either resolve the complaint or state your side of the story than having the customer badmouth your business on the internet, social media groups and timelines where you may not even aware of it?

One of the best ways to combat negative reviews and complaints is to build a good online reputation on independent platforms.

Ratings are good for good businesses

  • Research shows that 9 out of 10 customers have used ratings and reviews when deciding where to spend their money.
  • 88% of customers trust reviews on independent platforms as much as personal recommendations.
  • 63% of customers will pick a business with online reviews over one with none.
  • 94% of customers will use a local business if it has at least a 4 star rating.
  • Customers are likely to spend 31% more at a business with “excellent” reviews.
  • Consumer reviews are nearly 12 times more trusted than information provided by the business.
  • Search engines rank businesses with good reviews higher.
  • Reviews improve click through rates to your business listings.
  • The sweet spot of the number of reviews needed to influence a customer is 5 to 10 good reviews.
  • Good reviews have a larger impact on customer perception than bad reviews.
  • Your latest reviews have the largest impact.
  • Customers will pay more for highly rated products and services.
  • If a business resolved an issue quickly and efficiently 95% of unhappy customers will return to the business.

Bad reviews are valuable too!

  • Recent stats suggest that bad reviews can improve conversions by 67% while;
  • 95% of consumers suspect censorship of faked reviews when there are no negative opinions or reviews.
  • BUT too many bad reviews are NOT good for business.
  • The benefit of bad reviews very much depends on the proportion of good to bad.
  • 86% of customers will hesitate to purchase from a business that has mostly negative online reviews.

Online reviews are increasingly important, both to consumers and businesses. We can help you to manage your online reputation and generate reviews to stay ahead of the competition.


How to improve your reviews on KCP

  • Ask your customers to review your business on KCP
  • E-mail your customers post purchase with a link to your KCP listings asking them to place a review.
  • Premium KCP Members: Use rating cards to gather reviews at your establishment.

If you need help managing your social media and online presence we can help you.  E-Mail us at listings@kimberley.co.za

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