KCP Advertising Package Prices

ONCE OFF SETUP FEE R0 R100 R2501 R3502 R14903
There is an extra R50 per month charge for non debit order payments. Yearley payments = Debit order price x 12
Company Name  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Address, Location Map & Directions  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Website Link5  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
E-Mail via Contact Form  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Telephone Numbers  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business Hours  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Link to Facebook/Twitter  Yes Yes Yes Yes
No Website Free Domain  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Negative Rating -Notice  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ad Free  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Request List  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extended Field Set 1  Yes Yes Yes
Manual Review Submission  Yes Yes Yes
Custom Contact Section  Yes Yes
Video Area  Yes Yes
HTML Special Offers  Yes Yes
Extended Field Set 2  Yes Yes
Body Custom Text Headers Yes Yes
Body Fonts & Colours  Yes Yes
Body Custom Image Headers  Yes
External Links Allowed Yes
Category Limit4  1 2 3 4 6
@Kimberley.co.za e-mail alias  1 2 3 4 5
Gallery Images  2 7 15 30
Custom Featured Images  1 2 3 9
Custom Content Images  2 4
Description Area  Text Only Text Only Text Only Limited HTML Full HTML
Main Listing Image Basic Standard Premium BESPOKE
Listing Body Plain Text Plaint Text Plain Text+ Premium BESPOKE

Free extras included on paid packages

Event Website & Facebook Postings

Your event will be posted as a stand alone item after creation and thereafter included in daily/weekly posts.

Daily/Weekly Posts

Daily & Weekly Posts are created for: Events, Specials & Promotions and Where to Eat categories.

  • What’s on This Week – Posted Monday’s
    Deadline Fridays 9am.
  • Klein Saterdag posts on Wednesday mornings. – Wednesday night events.
    Deadline Mondays 9pm
  • What’s on This weekend. Posted on Wednesdays – Upcoming weekend events.
    Deadline Mondays 9pm.
  • What’s on This weekend. Posted Fridays.
    Deadline Wednesdays 9pm
  • What’s on this Saturday & Sunday. Posted Saturdays.
    Deadline Wednesdays 9pm

All items must be submitted via e-mail at least 2 full working days before date of placement, if not not included under the above deadlines.
Please e-mail Event Information to events@kimberley.co.za and special & promotions to specials@kimberley.co.za

Include full text in editable format as well as imaging in the original design format such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Publisher, Word or Power point.
If there are no pre designed imaging we will create a template optimize for web and social sharing for your company and incorporate any supplied high quality high res photos, images and text into the template.

When we create group events, specials and promotion posts the order of importance of included items are: Paid for Specials & Events, then per the listing package in order of Platinum,  Premium , Standard, Basic and Free Packages.

*Post may be combined or split up further depending on the amount of items.
*The amount of free specials and promotions per week may be limited.
*Free extras are subject to change at any time.

Front Page Sliding Ad Banners

There are 4 sliding banners on the KCP Front Page: Where2Eat Specials & Promotions, Where2Eat Places, Events and Places.  The banner on a slider is displayed in random order which is reset at random intervals.

Where 2 Eat Specials & Promotions – Free for Platinum Packages

Where 2 Eat Places – Free for Standard, Premium & Platinum Packages

Events – Free for  Premium & Platinum Packages

Places – Free for Standard, Premium & Platinum Packages

Optional Extras

You can add the following  options during checkout.

  • NOTE 1 –  Standard Listing: Upgrade primary image to Premium+ Image.  +R450 once off.
  • NOTE 2 – Premium: Upgrade primary image to Premium+ Image.  +R450 once off.
  • NOTE 3 – The once off design of a Platinum Listing can also be paid monthly with 12 payments of R150.00
  • NOTE 4 – Extra Categories: R25 p/m
  • NOTE 5 – Dependant on a footer backlink from your website.


Multi Listing / Small Business / One Man Show Discounts may not be combined. Not applicable to basic listings.

Multi Listing Discounts

Listing for different businesses, being run on the same premises owned by the same person or company, or listing of multiple branches of the same business with the same owners.
• Two listings: 30% discount on the 2nd listing.
• Three Listings: 40% discount on the 3rd listing.
• Listing 4 and up: 50% discount on 4th and up listings.

Small Business Discount 40%

To qualify the business must be 100% locally owned and run and have a yearly gross profit of less than R1 000 000.00.
A yearly letter confirming the above is required from both the owner and the business’ accountant.
Not for franchises.

One Man Show Discount 60%

Micro businesses not trading under a cc, company or trust with no official business premises.
A yearly letter from the owner confirming this is required.

Part time activities: Part time activities such as babysitting and dog walking. 100% discount on Basic Listings.

KCP Listing discounts for Amphibic Hosting Clients.

Discount on Platinum Listings: R100 off on gold+ hosting or R60 off for silver hosting.
Discount on Premium Listings: R80 off for gold+ hosting or R50 off for silver hosting.
Discount on Standard Listings: R60 off for gold+ hosting or R50 off for silver hosting.
(Not valid for clients already making use of a promotional/discounted hosting package.
If you already receive a discount the average listing discount % will be deducted off the Website discount amount)

Discounts for Amphibic hosting clients will not be applicable for any month in which there are/were outstanding amounts on client’s KCP or Amphibic account.

All specials and discounts are given on the discretion of KCP and is subject to change at any time.

More information and details

  • Design fees are subsidised. If a contract is cancelled before the end of the minimum initial period or if any monthly payments in the initial period is not made on time the total outstanding amount of all payments still to be made during the initial contract period will become payable immediately.
  • Special Offers Area: 1 Free Update per month
  • @Kimberley.co.za e-mail Aliases: With an e-mail address you can use an e-mail address like yourbusinessname@kimberley.co.za.  All e-mails sent to this address will be directed to your a current e-mail addess or addresses.
    @Kimberley.co.za e-mail Addresses: Instead of an e-mail alias you can also opt for a free 100mb @kimberley.co.za mailbox. No free remote or telephonic support are provided for free mailboxes but support will be provided via our online ticket system.  If you wish to increase the size of the mailbox, this can be done at a nominal monthly fee.
  • Custom Contact Area: An area at the bottom of the content section summarising contact details.  With Platinum listings extra functions such as a “Book Now” link directing the client to your booking service, or a custom booking form can also be created.
  • Free Domain Name: A free domain name can be registered for clients with no websites who cannot take advantage of discounts on web hosting with Amphibic.  The domain name will direct to your listing.  This way your listing can function as a “mini website” for you business.
    If you wish to transfer the domain elsewhere at a later date a transfer fee of R950 will be levied.
  • Lead Time:  Listings will be completed within a maximum of 16 workings days after full payment and all information, photos and graphics were received in the specified format. Time waiting on the client for feedback or information excluded