Being a Premium City Portal Member provides much more than a professional, easy findable online presence for your business.  Taking advantage of fee extras included with your listing can give your online marketing a continuous boost without having invest a lot of extra time and money.

Send us your specials, promotions, events and any interesting information / news about your business and were relevant we will inserted this into the events, specials and promotion sections of the KCP Website, and also share it out on social media individually and as part of our various daily and weekly website and social media posts.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Social Media Posts

  • What’s on This Week – Posted Monday’s
    Deadline Fridays 9am.
  • Daily Posts – Every morning.
    Deadline 9pm, 2 days before the post.
  • Klein Saterdag posts on Wednesday mornings.
    Deadline Mondays 9pm
  • What’s on This weekend. Posted on Wednesdays
    Deadline Mondays 9pm.
  • What’s on This weekend. Posted Fridays.
    Deadline Wednesdays 9pm
  • What’s on this Saturday & Sunday. Posted Saturdays.
    Deadline Wednesdays 9pm
  • More posts to be added as the demand increase

KCP Website Posts

Text, photos and graphics

The various websites, online and social media platforms use different image sizes and aspect rations.  To ensure your content display optimally across these platforms imaging provided needs to be in the original editable format to so we can optimize the size and layout.

  • Include full text in editable format as well as imaging in the original design format such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Publisher, Word or Power point.
  • GRAPHICS, ADS & LOGOS: Graphics, logos, menus, posters & pamphlets for listings, events and specials to be supplied in the original design format such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Corel Draw. If not available ‘n high resolution png or uncompressed jpg is also acceptable but this can impact the creation time of the item.
  • PHOTOS: Hi resolution, preferable at least 1600px wide, in the best quality available. PNG or uncompressed jpg files are best.
    Rather provide too many photos than too few. Wide angle photographs are best as it will enable our designers to integrate photos better when images are created.
  • If there are no pre designed imaging for an event/promotion we will create a template optimize for web and social sharing for your company.  This template will be used to create cross platform optimized imaging when you supply just the text and/or photos.

Submission Requests

Text, photos and graphics can be e-mailed to:

*Free extras are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

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